Holy Week and Easter 2015

Palm Sunday dawned wet and windy for our pilgrimage to Burton Overy led not by one, but two donkeys. A lovely breakfast had been laid on in the Village Hall and this was followed by a special service with something for all ages.

On Good Friday, a sizable congregation came together to reflect on the death of Jesus and his saving love for us, drawing on St John’s account of events, interspersed with hymns and prayers.

Easter Eve saw us come together for the Easter Fire and Vigil. We gathered on our forecourt round a blazing brazier and recalled God’s mighty deliverance of his people from slavery in Egypt at the first Passover. We were then reminded of his much greater act of deliverance in Jesus’s saving the world through his death and resurrection. The Easter candle was lit from the brazier and, after we had processed into the chapel, everyone lit their own candle from it to symbolise the light of Jesus’s resurrection even then breaking on the world.

On Easter Day, over 30 people of all ages shared in a hearty breakfast here at the chapel before others arrived to form a much larger congregation assembled to celebrate the resurrection, and the victory of God’s love in Jesus Christ over evil, hatred and death. After an inspiring sermon, we processed up to St Cuthbert’s with the Easter candle at our head to renew our baptismal vows and receive the bread and wine at Holy Communion. This was followed by an Easter egg hunt for the children and scrumptious cakes (baked by the vicar!) for the grown-ups.

All in all a good Easter! We were very happy to be able to share all this and more with our Anglican friends.