Big Harvest Welcome 2018

The Big Harvest Welcome on 30 September was a great occasion. A full church was treated to a tour de force by our new minister, Rev Derek McLean aided and abetted by his wife Chris in charge of various hi-tech devices which meant that, in addition to the rousing singing of the good old harvest

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Welcoming new faces

On 15 July 2018, we were delighted to welcome four new members at a special Café Church Holy Communion led by Rev Fran Rhys. The new members were Hannah Davey and Sam Davey who were confirmed and received into membership, and Ian Wilson and Margaret Wood who were received by transfer. This was a very

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Making a covenant

On 7 January 2018, we were thrilled to have Rev’d Helen Cameron, Chair of the Methodist Church’s Northampton District to lead our Covenant Service. (This is the annual service when, at the beginning of each year, Methodists, remembering God’s unfailing covenant of goodness and mercy toward them, recommit themselves to God’s service through that covenant

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Christmas 2017

Christmas services in the refurbished chapel were very special. For some reason, the changes seem to have improved the acoustics so that the singing at the well-attended Carol Service on the evening of 17 December conducted by our minister, Rev Fran Rhys, was truly uplifting, especially with the descant on the last verse of

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Mighty works – updated

The great day (or rather 2 days = 1 weekend) has come and gone. We seem to have been waiting for it for so long and it feels as though it was over in a flash. But what an inspiration and a delight it was.

Saturday 23 September saw the Rededication Service conducted by our

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Mighty works

The restoration of our 1827 listed chapel is nearing completion (Alleluia!!) and excitement is mounting. It looks as though the end result will be very pleasing and provide a congenial home for our worship and base for our mission, as well as serving the wider community. The work should be completed in early September and

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Refurbishment update

The refurbishment of our 1827 listed chapel is coming on apace. Much of the work on the interior is completed and the builder has started on the external ramp to allow disabled access.

The decorator is moving in and we are beginning to look at carpets and chairs. All being well, we are looking forward

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Celebrating the life of Jo Cox

Jo Cox, was the MP for the ethnically and religiously diverse constituency of Batley and Spen in West Yorkshire. She was murdered by a right-wing extremist on her way to a constituency surgery, a year ago last month.

In her maiden speech in the House of Commons a short time earlier, Jo had declared: ‘While

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Work set to get underway

Work is about to begin on the refurbishment of the Grade 2 listed historic chapel dating from 1827. For the last two years and more, we have been working with Tugby architect, John Dodson, RIBA AABC E, (an expert in conservation projects), the Methodist Church’s conservation officer, and the various conservation bodies, to produce a

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Easter Fire

On Easter Eve (15 April 2017) and intrepid band gathered around a brazier on the forecourt of the Church at the Cross to observe the Easter Fire and Vigil. After hearing the account of the first Passover from Exodus, praying together and singing ‘Behold the Lamb of God’ we lit the Easter Candle from the

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